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1   Phrase2Vec: Phrase embedding based on parsing   武永亮   赵书良   2020-04-20   Information Sciences   TOP期刊,SCIE   一区  

2  Parallel Spatial–Temporal Self-Attention CNN-Based Motor Imagery Classification for BCI   刘秀玲   刘京   2020-12-10   Frontiers in Neuroscience   SCIE   二区  

3   Network Security Situation Prediction of Improved Lanchester Equation Based on Time Action Factor   宋会倩   赵冬梅   2020-11-25   Mobile Networks and Applications   SCIE   二区  

4   Research on Network Security Situation Assessment and Forecasting Technology   王宏彬   赵冬梅   2020-10-28   Journal of Web Engineering   SCIE   四区  

5   Compound Attack Prediction Method Based on Improved Algorithm of Hidden Markov Model   赵冬梅   王宏彬(学)   2020-10-28   Journal of Web Engineering   SCIE   四区  

6   一种具有连续跳数值的三维DV-Hop改进算法   程杰   刘志华   2020-10-09   电子学报   EI      

7   基于目标管理的Java面向对象程序设计在线教学   董东      2020-08-10   计算机教育   CSSCI      

8   Generation of a local lung respiratory motion model using a weighted sparse algorithm and motion prior-based registration   陈栋   刘京,田亮   2020-07-19   Computers in Biology and Medicine   SCIE   二区  

9   A Novel Identity-based Authentication Scheme for IoV Security   王长广   王方伟   2020-07-01   International Journal of Network Security   EI      

10   Image-Based Rendering for Large-Scale Outdoor Scenes With Fusion of Monocular and Multi-View Stereo Depth   刘绍华   刘京,毛天露(外)   2020-06-23   IEEE Access   SCIE   二区  

11   A Fast Approach for Up-Scaling Frequent Itemsets   陈润资   赵书良   2020-05-19   IEEE Access   SCIE   二区  

12   A statistical weighted sparse-based local lung motion modelling approach for model-driven lung biopsy   陈栋   田亮,刘京   2020-04-28   International Journal of Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery   SCIE   四区  

13   Bursty visitation of locations in human mobility   Junyu Lv   曾安(外)   2020-11-17   Physica A   SCIE   三区  

14   An internet of things malware classification method based on mixture of experts neural network   王方伟   王长广   2020-02-20   Transactions on Emerging Telecommunications Technologies   SCIE   四区  

15   基于改进TF_IDF的多态蠕虫特征自动提取算法   王方伟   王方伟   2020-02-10   华中科技大学学报.自然科学版   EI      

16   Coronary Artery Fibrous Plaque Detection Based on Multi-Scale Convolutional Neural Networks   刘秀玲   刘京   2020-01-08   Journal of Signal Processing Systems   SCIE   四区  

17   Anti-jamming Algorithm Based on Spatial Blind Search for GNSS Receiver   冯冀宁   杨晓波(外)   2020-01-01   北京理工大学学报   EI      

18   novel LFM Jammer Suppression Algorithm for DSSS in FRFT Domain   冯冀宁   杨晓波(外)   2019-12-01   Journal of Beijing Institute of Technology   EI      

19   Research on semi-supervised community discovery algorithm based on new annealing   王静红   杨家腾(学)   2020-12-01   The Journal of Engineering   EI   三区  

20   A signal screening based sequence-correlation localization algorithm for wireless sensor networks   刘志华   张书景   2019-09-06   International Journal of Systems Assurance Engineering and Management   EI      

21   Multi-component Fusion Network for Small Object Detection in Remote Sensing Images   刘京   田亮,郭蔚   2019-08-31   IEEE Access   SCIE   二区  

22   A simple discernibility matrix for attribute reduction in formal concept analysis based on granular concepts   李磊军   李美争   2019-07-17   Journal of Intelligent & Fuzzy Systems   SCIE   四区  

23   The research on the professional development of information technology teachers based on the implementation of flipped classroom teaching model   赵冬梅   梁晓帆(学)   2019-02-16   Int. J. Social and Humanistic Computing   EI      

24   分布式系统实时信号级仿真实现方法   邱岚      2018-12-01   火力与指挥控制   CSSCI      

25   Study on Network Security Situation Awareness based on Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm   赵冬梅   赵冬梅   2018-11-01   Computers & Industrial Engineering   EI,SCIE   二区  

26   基于关联主义学习理论的创客教学模式研究   梁小帆   赵冬梅   2018-08-01   现代教育技术   CSSCI      

27   Lung respiration motion modeling: a sparse motion field presentation method using biplane x-ray images   陈栋      2017-09-20   Physics in Medicine and Biology   SCIE   三区  

28   Controllability of flow-conservation networks   赵琛   曾安(外),王文旭(外)   2017-07-17   Physical Review E   SCIE   三区  

29   BEM-based simulation of lung respiratory deformation for CT-guided biopsy   陈栋   顾力栩(外)   2017-05-10   International Journal of Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery   SCIE   四区  

30   The Prediction of Haze Based on BP Neural Network and Matlab   马丽梅   马丽梅   2017-02-12   International Journal of Advanced Network Monitoring and Controls   CPCI-S,EI      

31   An SVEIR defending model with partial immunization for worms   王方伟   王长广   2017-01-23   International Journal of Network Security   EI      

32   Evaluation of China's B2C E-commerce Website:An Analysis of Factors that Influence Online Buying Decision   刘侃   张琳(外)   2016-03-01   International Journal of Multimedia and Ubiquitous Engineering   EI      

33   An Empirical Study on Factors Influencing E-commerce in Rural China   张琳   刘侃   2016-02-01   International Journal of u- and e- Service, Science and Technology   EI      

34   Self-localization of autonomous underwater vehicles with accurate sound travel time solution   李晶   刘志华   2016-02-01   Computers & Electrical Engineering   SCIE   四区  

35   A novel approach for ranking in interval-valued information systems   解滨   解滨   2016-01-01   Journal of Intelligent & Fuzzy Systems   SCIE   四区  

36   基于序列相关值的蒙特卡罗优化算法   刘志华   陈嘉兴   2015-10-30   电子学报   EI      

37   Malicious URL Detection Algorithm based on BM Pattern Matching   于富强      2015-09-15   International Journal of Security and Its Applications   EI      

38   Stability Analysis of a Worm Propagation Model with Quarantine and Vaccination   王方伟   张运凯(兼)   2015-07-29   International Journal of Network Security   EI      

39   Global analysis of a SEIQV Epidemic model for scanning worms with quarantine strategy   王方伟   张运凯(兼)   2015-07-01   International Journal of Network Security   EI      

40   Optimal Threshold of LTE-Femtocell Network Based Bayes-Nash Equilibrium Theory   陈昊   刘侃   2015-06-01   International Journal of Future Generation Communication and Networking   EI      

41   The application of digital image processing method in range finding by camera   解春燕      2015-05-10   The Open Automation and Control Systems Journal   EI      

42   A worm defending model with partial immunization and its stability analysis   王方伟   张运凯(兼)   2015-04-06   Journal of Communications   EI      

43   Color Filtering Localization  for  Three-Dimensional  Underwater Acoustic Sensor  Networks   刘志华   陈嘉兴   2015-03-26   Sensors   SCIE   三区  

44   Stability analysis of an e-SEIAR model with point-to-group worm propagation   王方伟   张运凯(兼)   2015-03-01   Communications in Nonlinear Science and Numerical Simulation   SCIE   一区  

45   Intrinsic-Dynamics-Induced Symmetry in Controlling Complex Networks   赵琛   Wen-Xu Wang(外),Yang-Yu Liu(外),Jean-Jacques Slotine(外)   2015-02-12   Scientific Reports   SCIE   二区  

46   Mean-shift object tracking using forward-backward center median and three-scale information measurement   王艳玲   魏志成   2014-12-01   ICIC Express Letters   EI      

47   WSN中局部采样滤波的新颜色移动节点定位法   刘志华   刘志华   2014-10-26   电子与信息学报   EI      

48   Exact controllability of multiplex networks   Zhengzhong Yuan   赵琛,Wen-Xu Wang(外)   2014-10-24   New Journal of Physics   SCIE   二区  

49   Motif for controllable toggle switch in gene regulatory networks   赵琛   Zengru Di(外)   2014-10-16   Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and Its Applications   SCIE   三区  

50   A worm propagation model with removable storage devices and its stability study   李青茹   李青茹   2014-10-01   ICIC Express Letters   EI      

51   The Application of Baum-Welch Algorithm in Multistep Attack   张艳雪   赵冬梅   2014-05-30   Scientific World Journal   SCIE   三区  

52   Video Frames Similarity Function Based Gaussian Video Segmentation and Summarization   张艳娇   魏志成   2014-04-01   International Journal of Innovative Computing, Information and Control   EI      

53   Research on B-C E-commerce Website Information Architecture Level   刘侃   刘志华   2014-04-01   International Journal of Multimedia and Ubiquitous Engineering   EI      

54   Analysis of an internet worm propagation model with graded infection rates   王方伟   王方伟   2014-01-08   WIT Transactions on Engineering Sciences   EI      

55   Stability analysis of the interaction between malicious and benign worms   王方伟   王方伟   2014-01-08   WIT Transactions on Engineering Sciences   EI      

56   Mobile robots' modular navigation controller using spiking neural networks   王秀青   侯增广(外)   2014-01-01   Neurocomputing   EI,SCIE   二区  

57   Study on Node Importance of Networks Security Defence Based on Complex Network   赵冬梅   刘金星(外)   2013-12-31   Information Technology Journal   EI      

58   Approach to Forecasting Multi-step Attack Based on Fuzzy Hidden Markov Model   张艳雪   赵冬梅   2013-12-10   Journal of Applied Sciences   EI      

59   Modeling Mental Attributions of Defense Decision of Networks Security Based on AML   赵冬梅   刘金星(外)   2013-12-01   Information Technology Journal   EI      

60   相似度优化的无线传感器网络移动节点定位   刘志华   陈嘉兴   2013-10-26   软件学报   EI      

61   A Gaussian Video Summarization Method Using Video Frames Similarity Function   张艳娇   魏志成   2013-07-01   ICIC Express Letters   EI      

62   Combating good point set scanning-based self-learning worms by using predators   王方伟   王方伟   2013-05-10   International Journal of Network Security   EI      

63   A Clock Synchronization Algorithm for TTEthernet   李青茹      2013-04-02   Advanced Measurement And Test   EI      

64   Real-time Fault-Tolerant Ethernet Technology —TTEthernet and its Feature   李青茹      2013-03-03   Mechatronics and Industrial Information   EI      

65   Differential Model of Worm Propagation and Its Stability Analysis   李青茹      2012-11-01   ICIC Express Letters   EI      

66   A Novel Soccer Video Summarization Model Based on Video Time Density Function   魏志成   魏志成   2012-06-01   International Journal of Digital Content Technology and its Applications   EI      

67   Measuring inclusion, similarity and compatibility between intuitionistic fuzzy sets   解滨   韩力文   2012-02-01   International Journal of Uncertainty, Fuzziness and Knowledge-Based Systems   SCIE   四区  

68   An Analysis for Stochastic Model of Worm Propagation   李青茹   李青茹   2012-02-01   International Journal of Advancements in Computing Technology(IJACT)   EI      

69   Concept lattices determined by an inclusion degree   解滨   米据生   2009-12-31   Information- An International Interdisciplinary Journal   SCIE   四区  

70   基于模糊小波神经网络的信息安全风险评估   赵冬梅   赵冬梅   2009-11-30   华中科技大学学报.自然科学版   EI      

71   基于L-M神经网络的道路交通噪声预测研究   尹志宇      2009-04-01   中国环境监测   CSSCI      

72   A behavior controller based on spiking neural networks for mobile robots   王秀青   侯增广(外)   2008-01-01   Neurocomputing   EI,SCIE      

73   信息系统的模糊风险评估模型   赵冬梅      2007-04-30   通信学报   EI